Low emission valves

bonney-forge-eco-sealFugitive emissions regulations are becoming increasingly strict, and government agencies are focused on valves. According to the EPA, over 60% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions comes from valves. In the face of increasing regulations, you can trust Bonney Forge low emission (Low E) API 624 compliant valves with Bonney Forge Eco-Seal®. Bonney Forge Low E valves:
• reduce emissions of harmful gases by up to 95% versus valves with traditional packing. This increases the safety of personnel and reduces the effect on the environment.
• increase plant efficiency. Less leakage results in lower operating costs.
• comply with EPA Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) regulations. The packing and valve technology is designed to provide long lasting Low E performance provided the valve is maintained in accordance with installation, operation and maintenance (IOM) guidance.