2GW of gas-fired power plants will be installed in the US

By Wknight94 talk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,  link

By Wknight94 talk – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, link

The Ohio Siting Board has approved the development of two new gas-fired plants for a total power output of 2 GW, Energy Business Review reported.
The first is the Guernsey Power Station, with a designed capacity of 1.1 GW, which will be constructed by Guernsey Power Station LLC in Guernsey County. The board indicated it will feature three units in a single-shaft configuration with gas and steam turbines, and it is expected to break ground in December, the start commercial operations will begin by October 2020.
The second plant, the 940-MW Trumbull Energy Center, will be built by Clean Energy Future-Trumbull in Trumbull County. The facility will feature two units with heat recovery steam generators and a steam turbine. Its construction will start in November, with operations set for June 2020.
Additionally, the siting board approved boosting the capacity of the Lordstown Energy Center from 800 MW to 940 MW.