Total and Kogas signed memorandum of understanding

Total has signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) during the LNG 18 conference in Perth, Australia, to reinforce mutual cooperation to explore opportunities throughout the LNG value chain.
The main purpose of the agreement is to jointly identify and pursue opportunities to develop the LNG market in Asia and in new importing countries and to cooperate in LNG trading and terminal optimization.
KOGAS is a public natural gas company that was established by the Korean government in 1983. The company, as Korea’s representative global energy company, has grown into the largest LNG importing company in the world, importing around 31 million tonnes in 2015. KOGAS operates the world’s biggest LNG storage with the capacity of 10.3 million kiloliters and 4 LNG receiving terminals and maintains a span of 4,440km-long nationwide pipeline network for natural gas supply.