Wärtsilä Is ready to increase its interest in LNG

Wärtsilä Corp. has joined with an LNG distributor to further penetrate the industrial sector as the EU’s emissions reduction deadline looms in 2020.
The agreement signed on Aug. 29 with Espoo, Finland-based Gasum Ltd., is geared toward developing natural gas use, distribution and service solutions for customers in the marine and onshore sectors. Gasum subsidiary Skangas supplies LNG to the shipping, industrial and heavy road transport sectors in Scandinavia. The parts are also interested in liquified biogas (LBG) development.
The EU’s 2020 Climate & Energy Package is binding legislation to ensure a 20% reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions from the 1990s; a 20% share of energy consumption achieved from renewable sources; and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency. The targets were set in 2007 and approved as legislation in 2009.