There’s s new actuator family by Warner Linear

An actuator belonging to the Warner Linear's H-Series (courtesy of Warner Linear)

An actuator belonging to the Warner Linear’s H-Series (courtesy of Warner Linear)

Warner Linear has developed the H-Track electric actuators family, composed of the H1, H2 and H3 models
The H-Track hydraulic drive delivers up to 21 kN of force with up to 100mm/s travel speed, packaged in a compact size. They incorporate a patented fluid power design which provides high load capability for extreme duty use, a more compact pin to pin than other actuators of the same load capability, excellent ingress protection and corrosion resistance.
The H-Track uses an external gear pump connected to a reservoir and actuator yielding the most impact resistant actuator offered by Warner Linear. The H-Track pump is burnished, cleaned, flushed and vacuum filled with degassed hydraulic fluid. The system is completely sealed with no hoses to leak. This ensures you receive contaminant free and maintenance-free product for the life of the actuator.
These new actuators feature an anodised aluminium alloy housing for corrosion resistance and protection from dirt, dust, humidity and many corrosives, an operating temperature range between -26°C and +65°C (with some expansion possibility to expand it down to -40°C and up to +80°C), IP67 static sealing and IP69K in dynamic, temporary conditions for high pressure treatments.