About us

Industrial Valve News (IVN) is a global valve news provider, offering an unparalleled round-the-clock digital news service.
IVN’s editorial policy is to relentlessly pursue accurate, exclusive and independent news covering the entire valve industry in every corner of the globe. The focus is on business, trends and the key players. The daring and unbiased news content is supported by features and profiles offering an inside view of the issues and the people that make a difference in the industry.

Industrial Valve News is owned by FCE Group

FCE Group is not just about organising events. Our role is that of a relationship broker – identifying, targeting, attracting and matching the needs of buyers and suppliers. We aim to maximise business and networking opportunities through associated conferences, features, events and sponsorship opportunities, providing a unique range of integrated marketing opportunities.
We can offer value-added marketing programmes covering exhibitions, advertising and direct marketing, heightening your marketing exposure and re-inforcing your sales and marketing messages.
Everything we do is geared to generating business for our customers.

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