Introducing the new HTR range of spring return tensioners from TensionPro

UK-based bolt tensioning specialists TensionPro has launched a new range of spring return hydraulic tensioners optimized for topside applications in the offshore oil and gas industry. Designed to suit ANSI, ASME and API flanges, the HTR series features a fast spring piston return, making them perfect for tightening multiple bolts in multiple pass operations.

Powerful internal springs reset the tensioner piston, so it is always ready for the next operation. This reduces operator fatigue and increases the speed of tensioning. The tools include important safety features like a maximum stroke indicator and an internal relief valve to prevent accidental piston over-stroke. This eliminates unnecessary downtime spent replacing a seal.

Versatile and reliable for all bolting applications, the CE-marked HTR range operates at 1500 bar and comes with a pressure test certificate, as well as detailed operating, maintenance and safety manuals. All HTR tensioners are available from stock and can be configured with single or twin ports accompanied by standard pumps, hoses and fittings.

Said Richard Outram, TensionPro Sales Director: “These new HTR tools are an excellent addition to our standard tensioner range. We are very pleased with the design which incorporates the best quality components and surface treatments available without impacting on customer cost and ensures our positioning in the market.”

TensionPro supplies tools globally through its highly focused distribution network. The company is committed to supporting customer projects with quality, specialty tensioner solutions, covering equipment sales, repairs and refurbishment, spares, special tool designs, load calculations and new tensioner advice. Its core business spans the oil and gas, power generation, wind, civil and industrial markets.