Neway Valve successfully signed the supply contract for nuclear power plant of Fangcheng #3-4 unit project

fang_chinaRecently, Neway Valve (Suzhou) Co. has obtained the opportunity to take part in Fangcheng#3-4 unit Hualong#1 Project of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. successfully. Neway signed supply contract of Fangcheng#3-4 unit LOT190Gb nuclear filler globe valve and lift check valve in October and Fangcheng#3-4 unit LOT190Ga nuclear bellows globe valve in December respectively. The valves supplied include filler globe, lift check valve, nuclear bellows globe and so on with the civilian nuclear security level of SC2 and their quality assurance level of Q1. The total quantity of valves is around 8,000.
As the first core of Hualong#1 of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., two single units of pwr nuclear power plants in Guangxi Fangcheng#3-4 units with capacity of 1 million KW are designed to operate within 60 years. During its life cycle, the average availability of the power plant will reach 90%.
China Nuclear Power Engineering Co.,Ltd. is the primary member enterprise of CGN and the first professional nuclear power engineering management company. 12 units have been completed and put into operation in succession since 2010. At present, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co. also undertakes construction mission of 11 nuclear power units with capacity over 1000MW. Their gross installed capacity is 13,430,000 KW, ranking first in the world with the amount of nuclear power units and installed capacity.
So far, the order intake of Neway Nuclear has been doubled compared with that of 2015. The participation in projects of CGNPC, CNNP, SNPTC have made great significance in the future business development of nuclear electrical field of Neway Valve, which also highlights strong strength of Neway Valve in the nuclear electrical field. Neway has successfully taken a solid step in the way of providing complete solutions of nuclear valves for clients.