Oliver Valvetek supplies first 15,000 Psi trunnion dual stem sealing ball valves for ExxonMobil Uaru project

Oliver Valvetek’s unique approach to subsea valve design and manufacturing is exemplary and world-leading. They partner with one of the leading subsea tree and subsea distribution units manufacturers in the world and is supplying valves to the ExxonMobil Guyana Futures field.

For the past 5 years, Oliver Valvetek has provided more than 3,000 pieces of ½” 10,000psi rated subsea trunnion style ball valves for the full field development. Due to changes in production, control system requirements, and an operation pressure increase, ExxonMobil also required a 15,000psi rated valve.

Oliver Valvetek successfully qualified a valve to API6A PR2F and API17D 3rd Ed and included specialist testing and materials that were specific to the pressure and process media application.