Praxair Surface Technologies signs new coating services contract with Siemens

Praxair Surface Technologies (PST) and Siemens have signed a new agreement to strengthen their continuous relationship.
The new contract covers a range of coating services across all Siemens products. Aerospace and industrial gas turbine components such as blades, vanes, casings, and discs will be coated by PST’s aluminising, platinum aluminising, slurry, and thermal spray processes. To offer the best possible technology and service, coatings will be completed at PST’s Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, & United States locations.
“This long-term contract builds an excellent foundation to continue the fruitful business relationship with our partner Praxair Surface Technologies,” said Michael Weiss, Commodity Manager at Siemens. “The wide range of services and products, from coating services to coating material and equipment in locations all over the world offer many opportunities for our companies to cooperate.
“We are very pleased to sign this important contract with a key customer,” said Sarah Dixon, UK general manager at PST. “It provides the platform for us to collaborate further and grow together over the coming years.”
PST and Siemens have been working together for many years and this contract will ensure that this partnership continues into the future.