Two decades of collaboration between Klinger and Groupe Efire

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the partnership between Klinger and Groupe Efire. The successful 20 years of close collaboration have culminated in this year’s anniversary celebration.

The world of industry has always been driven by two key principles: relentless innovation and adaptive growth. Groupe Efire and Klinger Group are two companies that have steadfastly embodied these principles throughout their history. Both have navigated their unique paths, etching their names in the history of industry with every strategic acquisition, innovative product, and focused growth effort.

Parallel journeys: Groupe Efire and Klinger
Both Groupe Efire and Klinger have been relentless in their pursuit of innovation. While Groupe Efire focused on acquiring and preserving the unique identities of various companies, Klinger brought revolutionizing products to the market, like the world’s first asbestos-free gasket material, Klingersil. The history of these companies shows a remarkable ability to adapt and innovate. “In any enduring partnership, understanding each other’s unique needs and desires is essential. Over the years, a foundational trust has formed between our two companies, invaluable to our continued collaboration. Looking ahead, I envision a parallel solid and sustainable business growth that will allow us to increase our joint market presence in France”, says Kurt Bussecker, Sales Director of Klinger Dichtungstechnik.

Anniversary celebration in Lyon
The long-standing partnership between Klinger Group and Groupe Efire was commemorated with an event held in Lyon, France. Representatives from both companies came together at Eynard Robin – one of Groupe Efire’s subsidiaries – to honor their shared history, success, and mutual respect. The occasion was marked by speeches reflecting on past achievements and looking forward to future goals, with a strong emphasis on continued cooperation and mutual growth. In addition to formal proceedings, the event also featured a plant tour at Eynard Robin – and team activities designed to foster camaraderie and team spirit between the two companies. These activities not only allowed everyone to celebrate their past successes but also strengthened bonds, reinforcing the unity that has been a hallmark of the Klinger and Groupe Efire partnership for two decades.

Legacy of leadership
Leadership played a significant role in shaping the fortunes of both companies. The Bedos family led Groupe Efire through expansion and innovation, while the Klinger family has overseen Klinger through five generations, ensuring it stays committed to the future and development. By extending their reach beyond national boundaries, both companies ensured a global presence. “In the highly competitive sealing niche market, Klinger empowers us to distinguish ourselves with top-notch products”, emphasizes Erick Charretton, Sales Manager at Eynard Robin.

The management board at Groupe Efire is confident about the future and believes that their investments in a talented workforce and Klinger products will undoubtedly prove a successful combination.