IMI Plc introduced solenoid valve with integrated stroke testing

The ICO4-PST valve by IMI Plc

The valve by IMI Plc

IMI Plc introduced the ICO4-PST solenoid valve, the first of its kind with fully integrated partial stroke testing and control system built into the the existing IMI Maxseal ICO4 high integrity solenoid valve. This valve promises the lowest safe and dangerous failure rates of any intelligent PST system on the market and always providing the highest possible Diagnostic Coverage.
Apart from the removal of any PST device which reduces the overall engineering effort, other features are a high level diagnostics with position, pressure and time monitoring, simple pass/fail reporting
Dual override mechanism eliminates possibility of over-stroke, compatibility with valve speeds from 2 to 120 seconds, SIL 3 certification as 1oo1, -40°C to +60°C as operating temperature range, local testing using HART 475 communicator and remote testing via HART. The high flow rate of Cv is up to 5.0, which helps reduce requirements of QEVs, pilot valves, and booster.