Valves for the boom in the LNG industry

OHL Gutermuth, based in Altenstadt, Germany, has supplied valves to numerous major industry-specific projects over the past 150 years. This wealth of experience is invaluable when dealing with liquid natural gas solutions, especially in times of a gas crisis.

Providing reliable valve solutions for industry. This is the central objective of the valve manufacturer OHL Gutermuth, whose motto “Quality made in Germany” has been put into practice in the company’s production halls in the state of Hessen from 1867 right up to the present day. Here, every step of the production process is inspected and tested by the highly experienced staff and approved in accordance with national and international regulations. A quality standard that also pays off in the fast-growing global segment of LNG technologies. Thanks to its extensive portfolio of valves for extreme temperatures, OHL Gutermuth supports international projects with its butterfly valves, control valves and a wide variety of other industrial valves.

Valves for all the phases of LNG supply
First, the natural gas that is extracted from drilling sites in the gas fields is purified in a processing plant. The natural gas is then liquefied by cooling it down to -162 °C and transported to its destination by ship. Here, the ships are unloaded, i.e. the gas is pumped in liquid form to terminal facilities on land, from where it is delivered to customers once it has been regasified. OHL Gutermuth manufactures highly reliable valves for all these facilities, which is why many operators of liquefaction plants and tank farms are among the company’s worldwide customer base. One of the Altenstadt manufacturer’s bestsellers is the triple eccentric butterfly and control valve KXT Safeflex, which guarantees the highest standards in operational safety and durability at high pressures, temperatures from -196° C to +850° C and dynamic loads.

Right from the very beginning, OHL Gutermuth has focused on close collaboration with its customers in order to develop effective, sustainable solutions. After all, the company is renowned for its customised products. The OHL team is passionate about modifying components to perfectly meet the customer’s requirements and using their specialist expertise to create new designs.

An industry under pressure
In these challenging times for the economy, companies and policymakers are constantly searching for new ways to secure the energy supply. The transport of LNG by means of tankers is being expanded worldwide. Time is, however, running out when it comes to developing alternative energy routes to accommodate the needs of the mass market. Plant operators are confronted with strict environmental regulations and are forced to reduce their own carbon footprint. In every respect – the industry is in a state of upheaval. Managing director Wolfgang Röhrig emphasises that OHL Gutermuth is geared to the future, always focussing on providing the best solution for the tasks ahead: delivery capability, flexibility and using its expertise to implement resource-saving technologies.