Val‐Matic valves for the pulp & paper industry

Val‐Matic’s quarter‐turn valves, air valves and check valves are designed to meet the demands of the pulp and paper mills such as long‐term running and uninterrupted service. Quarter‐turn valves including Cam‐Centric plug valves, American‐BFV butterfly valves, Ener•G ball valves and QuadroSphere trunnion ball valves have seating systems built with corrosion and wear resistant materials. QuadroSphere ball valves can handle the scale deposits because of the self‐cleaning seats and the ball design which allows debris to be flushed from the valve body to avoid build up. Air Valves maintain system efficiency by helping to stabilize and relieve the pressure build up automatically. Pulp and paper processes are categorized as corrosive and abrasive which makes check valves a perfect choice with their wide range of metallurgies, seating materials and coatings. Val‐Matic has a number of coating options available such as fusion bonded epoxy, rubber or glass lining to handle everything from potable water to abrasive slurries and corrosive chemicals.