Ampo Poyam Valves signs an exclusive world-wide licensing agreement with Clarke Valve

Ampo Poyam Valves, a worldwide leader in highly engineered valves for the most severe services, and Clarke Valve, developer and intellectual property owner of the Dilating Disk Valve, industry-leading control valve technology for reducing fugitive industrial methane emissions, announced today an exclusive world-wide licensing agreement.

The Clarke Valve-Ampo exclusive license covers manufacturing, distribution and service, expanding the global market for zero-emissions Dilating Disk Valves to projects of any size, anywhere in the world, for the energy, chemical, power and other major industries. The agreement was signed and closed on October 1st, 2023, in Idiazabal, Spain, Ampo’s headquarters.

Importantly, the agreement provides confidence to customers in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment to support the maximum amount of methane applications across industry; the Dilating Disk Valve is certified to PED/CE for use in the European market, CRN for use in the Canadian market, ISO-15848 with an “A” rating for fugitive emissions, SIL-3 for the highest safety rating, and NACE for corrosive applications.

The Dilating Disk Valve, a plug-and-play alternative to traditional globe control valves, has been field-proven with stellar results over the last several years, through allocation of substantial financial and technical resources in partnership with Clarke Valve investors, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Climate Investment, a specialist decarbonization investor founded by a number of the world’s leading energy companies.

The Dilating Disk Valve is recognized on several Approved Manufacturer’s Lists (AML), operating successfully on five continents in a wide range of applications, while meeting the highest engineering standards for performance, emissions, and quality. The result of these efforts has provided a control valve with demonstrably superior performance and extraordinary reliability in comparison with other control valve products.

“Customers in the energy sector and other industries are looking for solutions that not only reduce emissions, but reduce planned maintenance costs, increase performance, and increase top-line revenue. The Dilating Disk Valve has proven this time and time again with the biggest names in the aerospace, oil and gas, and chemical industries,” stated Kyle Daniels, CEO of Clarke Valve. “The increase in customer demand that we are seeing requires an increase in scale, and Ampo Poyam Valves is the perfect partner to scale with.”

“This agreement is an important milestone for Ampo, supporting our continued growth plans. The field-proven zero-emissions Dilating Disk Valve will greatly expand our already wide solutions portfolio and will help us positioning Ampo Poyam Valves in the control valve industry” said Ibon Imaz, Managing Director at Ampo. “This collaboration is another example of Ampo’s leadership in innovation and is part of our strategy to continue providing low carbon energy solutions and zero-emission solutions to our customers worldwide. We are excited to work closely with Clarke Valve driving energy transition for a more sustainable future”.

“This partnership puts together two market leaders with the product and infrastructure to drive substantial market scale and emissions impact,” commented Roger Humphreville, Vice President Stakeholder Management at Climate Investment and Clarke Valve Board member. “We are tremendously excited for the opportunity the agreement presents and look forward to continuing our proactive engagement to support future growth.”

Kirk Shryoc, Chairman of the Board of Clarke Valve, noted “The Dilating Disk Valve is superior control valve technology. By partnering with Ampo’s world-class supply-chain, vertically integrated manufacturing, distribution, and service capabilities, customers can select the Dilating Disk Valve with a high level of confidence. This transaction is the result of years of work to find the best partner possible to join us in our commercialization efforts. Clarke Valve and Ampo share a common vision, commitment, and long-term partnership mentality, and we are thrilled to work with Ampo for years to come.”

The Clarke Valve-Ampo partnership will deliver Dilating Disk Valve technology with Ampo highest manufacturing and quality standards to support Clarke Valve and Ampo Poyam Valves’ customers achieving goals of increasing production, while eliminating leakage from control valves, one of the leading causes of fugitive emissions on the production side of the industries which the world’s economy depends on.