Armatury Group delivered modern and reliable butterfly valves DN 1800 for Dukovany nuclear power plant

The autumn of last year brought a significant success for Armatury Group when it won a prestigious order for the supply of nine pieces of special shut-off valves L32.61 PN 6 and DN 1800 for operation at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. This important project is not only a proof of its expertise and quality, but also a strengthening of its role in the field of energy.

The main objective of this contract is to replace the original shut-off valves located on the route to/from the condenser under the turbine. The new valves, fitted with an integrated mounting insert and operated by Auma actuators, are designed to ensure reliable closure of the common cooling water line. This enables periodic maintenance of the condenser during unit shutdowns, a key aspect of nuclear power plant operation.

An important factor in the selection of the valves was their ability to operate in the demanding conditions of long-term operation with high external leakage requirements. During the campaign, which lasts approximately 15 months, the flaps are fully opened. They are only allowed to be handled during downtime, which required a special design solution and maximum reliability.

Ing. Martin Chřibek, Chief Designer, says: “When designing these butterfly valves, we focused on meeting the above-standard requirements of our customer. We took into account factors such as bearing relubrication, shaft seal tightness checking and the possibility to replace the bearings without removing the butterfly valves. The integration of the mounting insert and adjustable anchor feet contributes to easier assembly and disassembly of the valve.”

One of the key factors was the delivery date, as the dampers were intended for the summer shutdown of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant unit. However, thanks to its efficient manufacturing processes, Armatury Group was able to deliver the valves on time and fully satisfy customer’s expectations.

This order confirms Armatury Group expertise, innovative approach and ability to meet the demanding requirements of the energy market. Armatury Group is proud of cooperation with the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant and firmly believe that its valves will contribute to the safe and reliable operation of this important energy infrastructure.Armatury Group delivered modern and reliable butterfly valves DN 1800 for Dukovany nuclear power plant