ChemBall – A revolution in PFA-lined ball valves

The PFA-lined ball valve ChemBall is the new flagship of the Swiss company ChemValve-Schmid. The TrueFloat technology, developed in-house and patented worldwide, is revolutionary and strict on-site production ensures that this ball valve always bears the hallmark “Swiss Made”.

ChemValve-Schmid, based in Welschenrohr, Solothurn is synonymous with insourcing instead of outsourcing. The independently owned company is a leading European manufacturer of PTFE-lined butterfly valves. Continuous research and development is the driving force behind the company and its production, the most recent example being the ChemBall.

Maiden voyage of the flagship
The first prototypes of the ChemBall were delivered to a European textile fibre manufacturer in October 2020 in a unique venture. After a two-year test phase, the product specification was successfully completed. Today, the ChemBall is also on sale throughout North America and Asia.

PFA-lined ball valve ChemBall
The PFA-lined ball valve ChemBall is based on the TrueFloat technology developed and patented in-house. Specifically, this means that a single-piece PFA jacket encloses the floating ball stem, which is able to move within itself. The ball is suspended by means of a metal-to-metal connection, which eliminates wear. The result is maximum tightness combined with an extended service life. The valve can be used in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 200°C. Whereas development and production initially focused in particular on the chlor-alkali industry, the further-developed ChemBall is ideal for use with all types of aggressive media.

The ball valve is currently available in the EN sizes DN 25, 40, 50, 80, 100 and 150 and in the ASME nominal diameters 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″. In the first half of 2023, the product range will be expanded to include the nominal diameters DN 15, 20, 32 and 65.

Swiss-made for shorter paths to success
ChemValve-Schmid has outstanding expertise in PFA manufacturing. Dedicated PFA-injection-moulding machines have been specially developed for the production of these unique valves. Both metal and PTFE valves, such as the ChemBall, are developed, produced, tested and prepared for shipping in Dünnernstrasse 540, Welschenrohr, Switzerland. “We are a down-to-earth team, the decision-making process is short, and people find it easy to talk to us” says the managing director, Christoph Schmid. Despite a high workload, it only takes a short space of time from the quotation stage to production. The standard delivery time is four weeks. Every PFA ball valve and every PTFE butterfly valve from ChemValve-Schmid AG is given a unique “valve ID” so that it can still be clearly identified years later. Every product test and certificate is fully traceable.

Join the Valve Revolution! Now!
The declared objective of ChemValve-Schmid is to increase its presence in the German market. “As a medium-sized Swiss company that develops and produces valves itself, we are on the lookout for trade partners as well as end users. We welcome every contact” says Managing Director Christoph Schmid. He has been on board for around 17 years now, but the flagship, the ChemBall, is new.