Five private equity offers for Gwc Valve

Offers of five funds have arrived for the Italy based Gwc Valve Group that designs, produces and markets industrial valves for the regulation and control of fluids for the petrochemical and energy sector. Carlo Festa reports it on the Sole24ORE. In particular the funds involved would be Ardian, Aksìa, Andera and two international funds, one American and the other Northern European. The companies would have offered between 90 and 120 million euros. In March 2015, a group of top Italian business managers and the private equity fund B4 Investimenti carried out a buy-in management buyout operation. Since then, the company’s turnover has increased from 13 million to around 80, expected in March 2020. In the past, Gwc had also considered the possibility of a listing on Piazza Affari.