Gazprom and Petrofac create strategic partnership

Gazprom and Petrofac have signed a strategic partnership through Gazprom’s INTI – Russian Institute Oil/Gas Technology Initiatives to export and promote the ambition, quality, and standards of the Russian energy industry domestically and internationally.
Under a five-year Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC), signed by Mr Vitaly Anatolevich Markelov, Deputy Chairman Management, and Member of the Board of Gazprom, and Petrofac Group Chief Executive Sami Iskander, the parties will collaborate to drive industry standardisation and sustainable development, as Russia’s energy sector seeks to encourage industry participation by international companies in its drive to expand at home and abroad.
Initially Petrofac will support the defining and developing pre-qualification and qualification criteria for local suppliers and local manufacturers, assessing conformation with industry standards, and developing use of local manufacturers’ products in existing and future projects within the Russian Federation and OPEC+ countries.
Petrofac aims to build its credentials as a Russian EPC champion, engaging the strength and capabilities of Russia’s supply chain, technology providers, and energy institutions to deliver both inside Russia and the wider region.
Mr Iskander said: “Delivering locally to global standards is key to Petrofac’s strategy and unlocks in-country value for all stakeholders, wherever we operate. Russia is a hugely exciting growth market that’s aligned to our core capabilities. We are proud to leverage our expertise in procurement and local operations to develop, champion, and support Russian engineering capacity, contractors, technologies and tools in support of the industry’s future development.”
Russia comprises a large market opportunity for Petrofac. Petrofac has been in the country since 1993, with offices in Moscow and Sakhalin Island, where have been present since 2006 through its Sakhalin Technical Training Centre, which has trained 23,000+ delegates in the last five years. Petrofac extended its presence on the island in 2017 when were awarded a contract by Sakhalin Energy for its onshore processing facility.