GE has secured $1.4bln in power plant construction, upgrades in Iraq

1484839609825GE announced it has won more than $1.4 billion in orders from Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity for new power plants as well as technology upgrades and maintenance.
The orders will add over 2 GW of power to Iraq’s grid and will secure the delivery of 1.75 GW of existing power to the national grid.
The planned Samawa and Dhi Qar power plants will collectively generate 1.5 GW. In the first phase of the project, GE will install four 9E simple cycle gas turbines in simple cycle at each site by 2018. The second phase will convert them to combined-cycle. GE will also supply advanced heat recovery steam generators and steam turbine technology to the plants and serve as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the projects.
An additional 580 MW will be added to the Iraq national grid through upgrades and rehabilitation works at four existing power plants.
Another six power plants totaling 1.75 GW will receive gas turbine maintenance to ensure continued reliability.
GE has also been working with regional and international institutions to facilitate financing to help the Iraqi government execute these and other projects. Since 2016, GE has helped the country secure $2 billion in financing for energy projects.
Ge previously delivered more than 700 MW of power through existing power generation infrastructure to Iraq’s national grid last year. The company has maintained a presence in Iraq for over 40 years with 130 GE turbines in operation there.