IK Group launches new company, Izomax

“The global demand for AOGV isolation technology has led us to the decision to launch Izomax as a wholly owned but separate company” says Eirik Berge, CEO IK Group.

International growth
The Norwegian IK Group offers a broad portfolio of value-adding products and solutions within pressurized systems, topside and subsea. To further position their international growth, the AOGV product line will move forward as an independent but wholly owned subsidiary named Izomax.

CEO Eirik Berge says “We will continue to support Izomax wherever needed but by becoming independent, Izomax will take the AOGV technology and service delivery to new heights with enhanced customer focus and engagement”.

Rune Sele, VP Izomax, adds that “We have a huge admiration for the team at IK Group, not least for the investment, support and encouragement that has brought us to this exciting new stage in driving our company forward.”

Global expansion
Izomax utilizes unique patented isolation technology to help customers mitigate downtime across the full spectrum of shutdown, turnaround and outages whilst maintaining system integrity – allowing process flow to continue. The demand for this patented and proven technology is on the rise globally.

“The launch of a stand-alone company allows us the freedom to rapidly evolve our solutions-oriented technology globally, with a laser focus. We are already enhancing our technologies and tool fleet to meet demand, along with opening offices in Australasia and North America. We are seeing exceptional growth with our revenues tripling in the last two years. Our organization has also tripled in size, and our customer base is evolving at pace. However, we will retain a bond with IK Group whilst wholly focusing on Izomax business and expansion plans”, Rune Sele , VP Isomax.