Kinitics valve actuator demonstrated at natural gas production site

Introduced to address emissions from methane-venting equipment traditionally used at natural gas wellsites, the Kinitics Valve Actuator is presented as a non-emitting alternative.

Results from a separator application located at a live Tourmaline natural gas production well site are shared. Installed in 2022, the data collected on the actuators show them to have high uptime and high positional performance. Environmental performance data collected at the University of Calgary, demonstrating the Kinitics Valve Actuators ability to work across a wide temperature range, is also presented.

With numerous demonstrated and potential use cases, the introduction of the Kinitics Valve Actuator presents the industrial valve sector with a new method of valve control. The use of Kinitics’ Shape Memory Alloy technology allows for reduced maintenance, improved accuracy and reliability, all contained inside an electric spring-loaded actuator. Rigorous lab testing and real world field trials validate the technology for use in industrial environments.