MRC Global launches a comprehensive digital supply chain solution for oil & gas pipe, valve & fitting purchases

This month, MRC Global introduced MRCGO, an end-to-end digital supply chain solution for pipe, valve and fitting (PVF) purchases. MRCGO, or MRC Global Online, allows customers to search, shop, track, expedite and connect with live support— all from a single platform.
“We often tell our customers that we can simplify their supply chain by giving them a single source for all of their PVF needs,” Andrew R. Lane, MRC Global President & CEO, said. “MRCGO is the digital extension of that promise. It delivers an e-commerce connection that makes B2B transactions easy and efficient. As the leader in our industry, it is fitting that we would lead the industry-wide digital transformation and develop an e-commerce solution of this caliber. Today, we have an $800 million e-commerce revenue base that we expect to grow over the next several years.”
MRCGO can:
• Reduce operating costs for customers
• Simplify the procurement process
• Support contract compliance
• Provide analysis tools for enhanced customer tracking and expediting of orders
• Assist in strategic purchase planning through customer dashboard
“Part of MRC Global’s success has been the result of our ability to adapt to and anticipate the changing demands of our customers,” Robert Stein, MRC Global Senior VP – Business Development, said. “After nearly 100 years, we understand what our customers need and where they want to be in the future. The digital transformation is the future for our industry, and we are proud to lead the way.”
MRCGO integrates with numerous third-party marketplaces and ERP systems. MRC Global will be adding current contract customers to the new platform throughout 2019, with future phases planned for 2020.