New Ampo Poyam Valves’ hypercentric ball valve just for critical applications

Energy industry is experiencing an increasing demand for high-integrity and enhances performance valves for specific critical applications and severe services.

Ampo Poyam Valves brings together the features of the best industry standard high-performance valves into one product: the new Ampo Poyam Valves’ Hypercentric Ball valve. Named Hypercentric ball valve from its unique, yet proven sealing concept, the product combines the strength and integrity of metal-to-metal trunnion ball valve with positive sealing performances of the tripe offset butterfly valve. Its friction free design and metal-to-metal sealing extends moreover valve’s life, even at high temperature applications.

Due to the sealing performance granted by the triple offset seating configuration, the Hypercentric ball valve does not require a rising stem mechanism to disengage the ball from the seats and can be operated by standard quarter-turn actuator with favorable torque characteristics, requiring high torque only near the fully closed position. The torque seat characteristic allows the sealing required to be completely independent from the line pressure and even in case of pressure drop, the sealing performance required is independently achieved. Regarding maintenance, it is a true piggable valve and maintenance is easy due to the non-rising stem design.

Thanks to its sealing design principle and the wide material range, Ampo Poyam Valves’ Hypercentric ball valve is a sound and cost-effective alternative to the existing range of products, and is suitable for several applications, such as: high temperature service, molecular sieve, mesh filters, contaminated fluids, coal mining, sea water cooling systems, hot tapping, flowlines, dryer switching, suction and discharge isolation, heat transfer fluids, hot oil, etc.