Oliver Valves – big win on the Kasawari project

Oliver Valves Asia Pacific Team have been working on a local Malaysian project called Kasawari since the beginning of its financial year involving the full spectrum of resources, including R&D engineers, as its MESC DVT qualified DBB valves (-29degC to 340degC) were used for this project.
Following up on every lead and opportunity, Oliver Valves Asia Pacific Team are proud to have secured initially the Wellhead Platform, the Host tie in and the Central Processing Platform.
On top of that they have also won several process packages and hence this project used almost every type of valve in their product range. Please see the packages won below:
• Gas Metering Skid
• Condensate Metering Skid
• Seawater Filtration Skid
• Flare System Skid
• Chemical Injection Skid
• Waste Heat Recovery Skid
• Flare System Skid
• Produced Water Skid
• Seawater Filtration Skid.
The total value to date for this project is more than £1million and Oliver Valves still expect more to come in the comings weeks.