Severn celebrates 21 years in Aberdeen

Enhancing the performance of existing offshore platforms has been a priority for North Sea oil and gas operators over the past two decades. With production steadily declining, finding ways to improve efficiency has been critical.
During this time, Severn has played an important role supporting leading operators with valve management and maintenance services as well as highly-engineered valve products. Longstanding client relationships are a defining feature of Severn’s business.
In 2010, Severn opened a dedicated Aberdeen facility to work in tandem with its established plant operations based then in Huddersfield and now in Brighouse. At the time, the Aberdeen team focused on the supply of traded isolation valves for North Sea operators. Today, the team works in close alignment with Brighouse under the direction of MD David Brennan as Severn’s hub for North Sea valve supply, servicing, testing and management.
“An ability to improve the performance of valves on mature platforms in challenging production environments has been central to Severn’s success with North Sea operators over the past 21 years,” Brennan explains. “This is partly due to our expansive dataset which holds several decade’s worth of data surrounding OEM valve failures. However, it’s the specialist insight and expertise our valve engineers bring to the table that enables us to leverage this data and make a positive difference to productivity. As North Sea operators continue to consolidate, profitability can hang in the balance. Ensuring valves work safely and reliably is important to optimise performance and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.”