Simmons Edeco got a major maintenance contract by Maersk Oil

a9a99ee7c9788458412c0e1880482dd1Danish supplier of wellhead and valve maintenance asset integrity solutions and onshore drilling services Simmons Edeco announced that it has been awarded a major contract by Maersk Oil.
The contract requires Simmons Edeco to provide scheduled and unscheduled wellhead maintenance services for all Maersk Oil offshore wells in the Danish North Sea, in addition to refurbish valves and wellhead maintenance equipment, and manage major and consignment stock.
The five-year contract, which commenced on June 1st, 2017, features three one-year options to renew. Simmons Edeco is supporting the contract from its new operations base in Esbjerg, Denmark, home to Maersk Oil’s Danish Business Unit.
While Simmons Edeco has a long history of working in the North Sea, this is the first time the company has worked for Maersk Oil and in the Danish North Sea.