SPX Flow builds plant to serve European market

4-2SPX Flow has recently expanded production capabilities by opening a new manufacturing campus in Poland. The US based company manufactures and markets hygienic valves, plate heat exchangers, pumps, homogenizers and process systems designed for use in dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care production.
The 28,000 m2 plant represents a multi-million dollar investment. Hygienic valves manufactured in the new plant include automatic and manual versions for shut off, flow diversion, throttling control, aseptic, and mix proof applications. All are designed to be lightweight, maintenance friendly, and cost-effective, the manufacturer claims.
Sanitary plate heat exchangers are also produced in the new plant. These include gasketed, semi-welded and welded configurations in a variety of plate materials, corrugation patterns, plate heights, gasket types and connection options. It also manufactures the company’s homogenizer machinery with a selection of materials and homogenization valve types.
The new centre also offers spares and aftermarket support operations. The company announced that the proximity of the new plant to major transportation hubs would ensure accurate shipping and enable overnight deliveries.