Thyssenkrupp to build one of the world’s largest textile polyester lines for SASA in Turkey

57475c5167b0a94fa43f9527Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ subsidiary Uhde Inventa-Fischer is to build a PET plant for SASA Polyester Sanayi in Adana, Turkey.
The contract was signed in July 2016 and came into effect in December. With a planned capacity of 1,050 metric tons per day (380,000 tons per year), it will be one of the largest PET plants for textile applications worldwide. The product is used e.g. for clothing, home textile or technical applications, with direct melt feeding to four staple lines and one additional bicomponent fiber line.
The design of the polycondensation plant will be based on Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s proven, energy-efficient 2R polyester technology, which comprises the patented ESPREE® and DISCAGE® reactors. This enables the production of a superior high-quality polyester polymer. A characteristic feature of the plant is that the polymer melt will be conveyed directly from the polycondensation plant to several downstream spinning lines where staplefibers will be produced.
Werner Steinauer, CEO of Uhde Inventa-Fischer: “At a capacity of 1,050 tons per day we have reached a project size that could make it economically viable for our customers to operate their own PTA (purified terephthalic acid) plant. This provides potential for furtherprocess integration and optimization.”
Uhde Inventa-Fischer will handle the basic and detail engineering, provide technical services for erection, pre-commissioning and commissioning supervision, and deliver proprietary equipment and key components for the plant. Completion is planned for end of 2018.