TMK and IRE-POLUS will introduce laser technologies in the production of pipe products

Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) and NTO IRE-POLUS (founder and one of the base companies of the scientific and technical group IPG Photonics Corporation) signed a work program for the joint creation and implementation of laser technologies in the production of pipe products at TMK sites. The document was signed at the 27th International Industrial Exhibition “Metal-Expo’2021”.
The program is designed to improve the efficiency of the production of pipes and tube parts through the use of laser technologies, and is also aimed at finding new areas for the introduction of these technologies. The parties intend to implement a number of projects in various areas until 2023: the development of new high-tech products with improved performance characteristics, the improvement of production and repair technologies to achieve the best economic effect, the development of high-tech technologies and the modernization of equipment.
In particular, the partners intend to use laser technologies for welding pipes and tubular parts to create a model of a “new generation pipeline” from high-strength steel. The program also plans to use laser welding technology on casing pipes and stainless steel pipe products.
Another cooperation project will be the use of laser cladding and hardening to restore the performance of tools, parts and accessories for pipe production. The technology will increase the service life of the equipment and improve the performance characteristics of products, such as resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, shock loads and abrasion. The representatives of the companies will also consider the possibility of using manual laser welding in the repair of welded seams and the pipe body, as well as in the modernization of laboratory laser installations operating at TMK enterprises to create a new section for laser technologies.
“TMK is constantly developing its scientific and technical potential and continuously introducing innovations into production. Laser technologies are an advanced direction, and among pipe and metallurgical companies we are the leader in their application: the specialists of our Chelyabinsk Pipe-Rolling Plant were the first in the world to develop and mastered laser welding of longitudinal seams of large-diameter pipes. The cooperation program signed today with the global leader in the fiber laser industry – NTO “IRE-POLUS” will allow TMK to develop this direction and reach a new technological level. In the course of implementing the program, the company will open up even wider opportunities for using such technologies at various TMK production facilities, ”noted Sergey Chikalov, First Deputy General Director of TMK for Operations and Development.
“The implementation of our fiber lasers and the development of new innovative technologies for their application in real production to achieve maximum economic efficiency of production processes is a priority task for IPG. In cooperation with such an industry leader as TMK, together, we will undoubtedly achieve excellent tangible results and once again demonstrate that our technologies bring multiple benefits, “said Nikolay Evtikhiev, Director General of NTO IRE-Polyus.