World-class valve automation for any valve

For many, the first thing that comes into mind when we talk about Neles is valves. While they have decades of experience in manufacturing industry-leading valves, they also have decades of experience in automating them. And not just Neles valves, but any valve by any major manufacturer. They offer the full automation works for all industrial valves, giving you the competitive edge in terms of the best possible flow control performance.

An offering based on experience
Neles have made a concentrated effort over the years to build a portfolio of products and solutions for the best possible valve automation for a wide range of industries, ranging from the demanding processes in the oil and gas industry to the very specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and other life science industries. They are also particularly experienced in solutions for the pulp, paper and bioproduct industries. Some 50 years of experience in automating their own valves has put them in an excellent position to also automate valves by other manufacturers.
Their offering includes a wide range of actuator types, from their latest Easyflow by Neles rack and pinion actuators for standard applications, to the more highly customized pneumatic actuators that have been in use in demanding oil and gas applications for years. They also put the intelligence into your valves by offering a comprehensive portfolio of valve controllers and limit switches. The one thing that their entire offering has in common, is that they are all designed to work with any valve from any manufacturer.
Neles unique approach means that they are your one-stop-shop for all valve automation components. Neles have made it simple and easy to order and receive a full product offering from a single responsible source designed to work together as a coherent and reliable valve assembly within your process. This also means that their delivery includes all the fixing and mounting hardware needed to build the complete automated valve assembly.

Make the smart vendor choice
The added intelligence their controllers deliver of course means that they can give any valve the diagnostics and analytics capabilities needed. Neles solutions are also ready for easy integration with your plant DCS, regardless of the make and model. They have wanted to make everything as easy as possible for their customers – easy ordering, easy installation, easy integration and easy serviceability.
Buying valve automation solutions from a supplier with a proven track record as well as an in-depth understanding of both valves and how they work and the industrial environments they are expected to serve in, helps provide peace of mind. We offer solutions that meet the needed standards and comes equipped with industry- and market-relevant certifications. Neles are able to offer worldwide service support from local service center in more then 40 countries. Their global service center network means that the service they promise, is available to you, wherever you are.
So, in addition to working with one of the leading names in flow control, with experience and understanding of the industrial processes they serve, utilizing Neles valve automation typically comes with the added bonus of working with a name that is already on the accepted vendors’ list and provides full specifications coverage and the needed testing results from the very beginning.