World’s largest methanol plant in Iran ready for startup

The world’s largest methanol production plant in Iran’s southern Bushehr Province is ready to come on-stream. Built by the private sector, this plant is able to produce 7,000 tonnes a day of methanol.
Foad Jaberi, CEO of the plant, has played down concerns over future product sales as US sanctions take effect. “There is nothing to worry about in selling our products,” he said.
Currently, 54 petrochemical plants are operational in Iran, supplying 53.6 million tonnes of petrochemicals. About 30.7 million tonnes of products would be ready for sale and the rest is consumed by and between the plants.
Furthermore, 34 petrochemical projects have had over 20% progress. Once these projects have been completed, Iran’s petrochemical production would soar to 75 million tonnes by March 2022. If no more petrochemical projects commission, the output from the existing projects would exceed 100 million tonnes by March 2026.
Among petrochemical projects ready to come online, Kaveh Methanol Petrochemical Plant is the most outstanding. 1st and foremost, it is under construction by the private sector. 2nd, it has capacity to produce 7,000 tonnes a day of methanol – which is the largest amount in the world. Therefore, most equipment fitted in this plant is being used for the first time.
The Kaveh plant is located on a large piece of land measuring 220 ha near the city of Dayer in Bushehr Province. It is the largest AA-ranked producer of methanol in North Pars. The license and basic engineering for the plant belong to Swiss Casale while detailed engineering has been done by Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC) and necessary utilities have been designed by an Iranian company.
The ground was broken for the construction of the Kaveh methanol plant in 2004. The infrastructure was then prepared; however, due to international sanctions Iran could not purchase necessary equipment until 2014.