Worley signs two agreements with BP

Engineering services company Worley has entered two agreements with BP International. Both agreements are for two years and will help provide services to BP’s global offshore developments.
One agreement is for the conceptual engineering, while the other covers the early engineering and front-end engineering design (FEED) services. Under the conceptual engineering agreement, Worley will provide selection and development services, which includes appraisals, feasibility studies and technical definition studies. These services will provide BP to evaluate the viability of the projects.
Under the early engineering and FEED agreement, Worley will provide engineering designs, further technical definition, project execution planning, and develop project performance targets.
“We are pleased to be working with BP as a trusted partner through these framework agreements. As Australia’s leading energy services company, we are helping BP meet the world’s changing energy needs,” CEO Chris Ashton said.
Services under both agreements will be carried out by Worley’s London and Houston offices.