Zeon and Sumitomo starting SBR business together

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 09.43.11ZS Elastomers Co., Ltd., a new joint venture between Zeon Corporation and Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., will start operations on April 3, consolidating the two companies’ solution styrene-butadiene rubber businesses, according to a press release by Sumitomo.
Having already obtained regulatory approvals or clearance on the business consolidation both in Japan and overseas, ZSE takes over the sales and R&D functions of Zeon and Sumitomo Chemical relating to the S-SBR business as agreed on. Outside Japan, ZSE is also to handle products manufactured by each company’s relevant subsidiaries in Singapore.
The new joint venture will work to expand the S-SBR business by maximizing multifaceted synergy effects that are expected to come about from new product development driven by fusion of respective company’s technologies, bolstered cost competitiveness, an enhanced stable supply of products, etc.