Baker Hughes and Saudi Aramco installed the first rigless-deployed ESP system

The Saudi Aramco's Khurais oilfield (courtesy of Hydrocarbons Technology)

The Saudi Aramco’s Khurais oilfield (courtesy of Hydrocarbons Technology)

Saudi Aramco and Baker Hughes announced today the first installation of the TransCoil™ rigless-deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system, which is designed to help operators bring wells on production faster and lower the costs associated with installing and replacing ESPs. Because they can eliminate the need for a rig in fields where rig availability is a concern or where high intervention costs can limit artificial lift options, operators can minimize deferred production and lower their overall lifting costs to extend the economic life of their assets, apart from reaching greater depths (up to 3600m) and assuring an oil output up to 18,000bpd.
A TransCoil system was recently installed and commissioned in Saudi Aramco’s Khurais field. Rig-based work to replace the completion and install a vertical electrical penetrator system was completed ahead of the rigless operations. A Baker Hughes coiled tubing team helped plan the operation, delivered a surface unit to the wellsite, and worked with artificial lift engineers to install the TransCoil system at 1500m in 7″ tubing.