Evonik is biulding an L-lysine plant in Brazil

Evonik has commissioned a new plant for the biotechnological production of Biolys® in the Brazilian town of Castro in the state of Paraná. It will have annual production capacity of around 80,000 metric tons. Biolys® is a source of the amino acid L-lysine and is used as a feed additive in modern animal nutrition.
The company also produces this product from the U.S.-based company Cargill, from which it procures site and logistics services as well as locally produced raw materials. Agricultural products from the region are used as the main raw material for the fermentation. The plant is expected to create 100 new jobs, according to the Evonik.
Biolys®, a product produced biotechnologically from renewable resources, is globally known as a highly efficient source of L-lysine for animal feed, which helps to sustainably reduce costs in both feed production and animal breeding. Evonik proved that protein supply in animal feed supplemented by this product, among other things, represents a particularly environmentally sound concept for the adequate, healthy nutrition of animals.