Ineos shipped another US shale gas ship to Europe

After the first shale LNG delivery last spring, Ineos has today confirmed that the Ineos Insight, has arrived at the plant at Grangemouth in Scotland carrying 27,500m3 of ethane from US shale fields.
This is the very first time that ethane from US shale gas has ever been exported from the USA to the UK.
The project has included the design and long term charter of all eight Dragon class ships which will collectively create a virtual pipeline across the Atlantic; connection to the new 300 mile Mariner East pipeline from the Marcellus shale in Western Pennsylvania to the Marcus Hook deep water terminal near Philadelphia, together with new export facilities and storage tanks.
Ineios has invested $2bn bringing US shale gas to Europe, and to receive the gas,amd has built the largest ethane gas storage tank in UK at Grangemouth in Scotland. The ethane from US shale gas will be used in its gas cracker at Grangemouth, both as a fuel and as a feedstock.