ValvTechnologies got the ISO 15848-1:2015 certification for its pulsejet valve with EcoPack®

The ValvTechnologies' pulsejet valve with EcoPack® technology (image courtesy of

The ValvTechnologies’ Pulsejet (image courtesy of

According to a company news by, ValvTechnologies announced that its pulsejet valve with EcoPack® technology has received ISO 15848-1:2015 certification from Odin Heavy Industries.
In a committed effort to reduce fugitive emissions, ValvTechnologies’ product engineers developed the pulsejet valve with EcoPack®, a superior stem packing solution for high-cycle, fast acting valves designed to meet critical fugitive emissions standards.
The procedure to earn the ISO 15848 certification included a series of 17 helium leak tests and eight thermal cycles on a fully assembled valve over a period of 100,000 cycles. After test completion, the valve was disassembled and all sealing components were examined for notable wear and any other significant observations. Odin Heavy Industries verified the valve exceeded endurance testing standards of endurance class CC3 (100,000 cycles) at Class CH tightness.