A modular, waterproof actuator by Rotork

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courtesy of Rotork

Rotork watertight CK range actuators are suitable for all valves in non-hazardous locations. The torque range facilitates reliable operation of valve types and sizes typically found in industries such as power generation and water treatment. In combination with secondary gearboxes, the CK range maximum multi-turn output torque is 10,800 Nm and part-turn torque is 205,600 Nm. A direct-drive part-turn CK range is also available.
The modular construction presents a wide range of options and features: from a standard CK actuator, requiring separate motor controls, to sophisticated Centronik versions equipped with an integral state-of-the-art intelligent digital control unit. The Centronik module can be mounted up to 100 metres from the actuator to provide local operation, configuration and commissioning for valves in inaccessible locations.
All CK versions can provide mechanical valve position indication. Standard features also include oil bath lubrication for extended life, mounting in any orientation, a safe motor-independent handwheel operation available at all times, and IP68 environmental double-sealing.
Increased valve protection is provided by independent torque and position sensing. Plug-and-socket connections facilitate fast and efficient commissioning and maintenance. All actuator sizes can utilise separable thrust or non-thrust bases, enabling actuators to be removed from the valve without affecting valve position.
Rapid and secure commissioning and configuration is performed using the actuator selector switches. A handheld Rotork Setting Tool, using infrared or Bluetooth® interfaces, is optionally available for these functions. The actuator display window provides position indication, status and alarms plus user-friendly menu-driven configuration screens.