Emerson and TopNIR are offering a combined fluid-handling solution

1Emerson and blend analysis technology company TopNIR Systems announced the industry’s first complete blending solution that includes online crude characterization. This same technology is also used to improve performance in the product blending area of the refinery.
To remain competitive and profitable, refiners are increasingly challenged to work with opportunity crudes that provide a cheaper feedstock, but are more challenging to process.
The integrated blending solution allows operators to exploit the profitability opportunity of a wider array of different crudes by providing hydrocarbon property data in real-time that helps identify the potential value content in each crude stream.
Faster access to property data allows Emerson’s model predictive control (MPC) to modify and optimize crude stream mixtures while capturing product value during distillation. Asset monitoring applications minimize the impact of opportunity crudes on process units.
TopNIR holds over 30 patents associated with near-infrared spectroscopy systems. One of these, Topological Near-Infrared Modelling, is a form of non-parametric modelling. TopNIR’s proprietary software can measure multiple properties of hydrocarbon streams faster than any other solution on the market today. This not only provides results well within ASTM repeatability and reproducibility standards quicker than other mathematical models, but it also adapts easily to operational changes and allows for a smaller maintenance footprint.