New elastomer by C. Otto Gehrckens for LNG valve applications

Schermata 2015-12-12 alle 12.29.51The FKM compound Vi 840 by C. Otto Gehrckens, which is exible at low temperatures, has been successfully tested according to DVGW DIN EN 682 (type GBL). What’s more, this material has low temperature exibility of more than -40 °C, which means it therefore fulfills the requirements of DIN EN 14141. A combination of properties that make this special FKM compound something really unique.
The elastomer innovation Vi 840 meets central industry requirements of having a suitable level of low temperature flexibility, and conforms to the DIN EN 14141 standard. With a TR-10 value of -40.1 °C, COG’s world first is suitable for use at temperatures of right down to -46 °C, therefore fulfilling the important API 6A and 6D standards. Furthermore, these properties can be proven, and are documented to DIN EN 13787 standard.