ValvTechnologies added bi-directional sealing to its 5/8″ bore valves

ValvTechnologies, Inc., manufacturer of zero-leakage severe service isolation valve solutions, announced the extension of bi-directional sealing technology to its 5/8” bore V Series high-performance metal seated ball valves. ValvTechnologies’ 1” and larger V Series valves have always had bi-directional sealing ability: this superior capability has now been extended to 5/8” bore valves. Designed to provide 100% zero-leakage for customers in the fossil power and nuclear generation markets, this is the original fully bi-directional, zero-leakage metal seated ball valve on the market.
The bi-directional design prevents the upstream load spring from collapsing in a reverse flow or back pressure condition. The design ensures the integrity of the seating of the high pressure end subsequent to any reverse flow condition, guaranteeing Class V shutoff in the reverse direction after an upset condition. Most metal seated ball valves are a uni-directional design specifically targeting globe valves. ValvTechnologies’ V Series designs can be utilized in bi-directional applications where gate valves are used without the worry of internal damage typical of other metal seated ball valve designs.
ValvTechnologies’ V Series 5/8” bi-directional valves can be used in severe service applications in fossil power and nuclear generation, as well as any industry where a combination of zero-leakage and bi-directional functionality is a benefit by improving the performance, reliability and the safety of a plant.