Flexitallic announces standardization of produced graphite to a higher quality level

The Flexitallic group has announced the upgrade of its US-standard graphite material to Flexicarb SEL, becoming the first industrial sealing manufacturer to commit to standardize on a higher grade of graphite.
Compared with traditional graphite materials, Flexicarb SEL delivers more than 50 percent improvement in oxidation resistance. The consistently lower sulfur and heavy metals of this sealing material will positively impact the long-term sealing and continued integrity of graphite material, thus improving customer operations.
Although it is often the smallest spend in the bolted connection, quality gaskets can provide the highest rate of return for customers in improved performance. Flexicarb SEL will be utilized in the US for all Flexitallic standard and special spiral-wound gaskets and kammprofiles. Flexitallic has begun integrating this material into its manufacturing operations in Houston and expects full integration by the end of 2015.

The Flexicarb sealing

The sealing by Flexicarb