Ampo receives a grant for its R&D projects Hpcvalve and Ampoaly

Ampo has received a grant for its Research and Development projects entitled “Hpcvalve” and “Ampoaly”. This aid has been financed by Basque Government’s “Hazitek” program.

The main objective of the Hpcvalve project is to expand Ampo’s product catalog with the development of a new valve family: hypercentric ball valves. This new product and concept will answer to market demands in terms of delivery times and maintenance costs reductions, which will translate into greater availability of facilities, guaranteeing a robust drive train design that can guarantee its reliability in severe service conditions. The key will be an eccentric design that avoids contact between closing elements, and therefore the degradation that this friction generates.

The Ampoaly project, on the other hand, has as its first objective to develop a new family of components in CRA alloys that exceed the current market offer in terms of durability and reliability, under standards. To achieve this objective it is necessary to develop specialized metallurgical knowledge that allows the design and execution of moulded products within optimal tolerance ranges, much narrower and more stringent than those specified by the applicable regulations. Knowledge of the influence of each product metallurgical parameter and each process variable involved, must be excellent.