Auma Coralink supports with plant modernisation

In June, Auma Iberia has carried out the preventive and/or corrective maintenance of the electric actuators installed in the ENCE Biofactory in Navia (Asturias).

For the first time, Auma has successfully implemented the Coralink programme for the advanced analysis of the actuators.

We have interviewed Auma Iberia sales engineer Rodrigo Diaz, who was responsible for the installation of the software in the Biofactory.

What types of actuators are installed at the Navia Biofactory?
• The ENCE Biofactory in Navia is quite old, so 99 % of the actuators and actuator controls installed are of the previous generation.
• The factory has about 59 Auma actuators, of which:
45 % are Auma Norm Generation .1
35 % are equipped with Auma Matic (with Profibus)
20 % are equipped with Aumatic Generation .1 (with Profibus)
• Currently, 4 units have been retrofit, so 4 actuators are already upgraded to the modern Aumatic Generation .2.

Do you think the Coralink programme has a future in plant maintenance?
• The Coralink ecosystem is very useful, both for customers and for Auma staff, as it unifies the three pillars of Auma, as far as plant maintenance is concerned.
• The main pillar is the Auma Cloud, where all the data extracted from the actuators is collected and stored. This information can be updated at each shutdown, or the customers can update it at their convenience. It is the best way to have a true and updated control of the actuator status.
• We have the other two pillars in terms of Auma CDT and the Auma App. They are perfectly synchronised with the Auma Cloud, which makes the user experience simple and useful in terms updating and/or parameterising the actuator data, with the option to save and reflect all this in the Auma Cloud.

Do you think Coralink helps the customer to have a better control of their actuators?
• Yes, I firmly believe so, since, according to my experience with customers, one of the most attractive options and that should be further enhanced, is that, once the actuator is registered in the Auma Cloud, you can request directly and from an “exploded view” of the equipment, the spare parts needed to perform the appropriate maintenance. This way, the customer has direct access to request the spare part he knows he needs for the specific actuator that requires it.
• Coralink also helps them to keep track of the maintenance performed on the equipment and the dates on which the maintenance has been performed, which is essential for customers and plants.Auma Coralink supports with plant modernisation.