Auma-USA’s swift response to aid Palmdale, CA in hurricane Hilary aftermath

When hurricane Hilary wreaked havoc on Palmdale, CA, the LA County Sanitation District faced a critical situation with floodi​​ng to their sedimentation gallery, disrupting vital operations.

Upon receiving the call for help, team at Auma-USA wasted no time. In just six days, they custom-built ten actuators, (9) SQR12.2/AC01.2, (1) SQR07.2/AC01.2, and (10) Remote Mount Stations tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

These crucial components were swiftly shipped to Palmdale, CA to minimize the operational downtime.

The following week, the units were installed by Auma rep, R & B Automation, ensuring the rapid restoration of operation.

From hurricane landfall to actuators on site ready for installation within 5 days.