Bolting Systems’ newest high cycle hydraulic torque wrench offers superior performance at 2-3x the cycle life

SPX Flow, a leading provider of process solutions for the industrial markets, is releasing the latest tool from Bolting Systems’ High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrench (TWHC) series. Internal testing shows that the TWHC 11 can offer superior performance with even more durable material that doubles to triples the wrench’s cycle life.

“Bolting Systems has been providing premium high cycle wrenches for decades,” said David Campbell, Global Product Director for Bolting Systems. “Our team knows our customers and their needs. The TWHC series is a perfect mix of power, performance and longevity, resulting in less downtime and more results.”

High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrenches play a critical role when large industrial fasteners are needed. These high-strength hydraulic tools are for heavy-duty users, like those in the oil and gas, industrial, wind energy and mining sectors. Made from corrosion-resistant material, they can withstand the harshest of environments.

The Wrenches are known for their performance. At more power per tool, their increased reliability and simple drive assembly mean less time spent on maintenance. Other enhanced usability features include:
• Compact nose radius, allowing the tool to fit in tighter, hard-to-reach spaces
• Low-weight, high-strength design
• Fast operation, long stroke and optimum flow
• Multi-direction high flow swivel manifold
• Push-button square drive reversal and reaction arm release

Additionally, the Bolting Systems team designed High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrenches with safety in mind, with a fully enclosed drive mechanism, swivel manifold internal relief valve to prevent over-pressurization and a fine-tooth pawl that prevents tool “lock-on.”

“This is our longest-lasting High Cycle Hydraulic Torque Wrench to date in this torque range, meaning a lower cost of ownership alongside other advanced features,” adds Campbell. “As part of SPX FLOW’s suite of solutions, the Bolting Systems team is working hard to ensure that each and every customer has the right tool for their specialized job.”