Carboline accepts Frost & Sullivan award for North American anti-corrosion coatings new product innovation

Carboline accepted the North American anti-corrosion coatings new product innovation award at Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Best Practices Awards Gala.
Frost & Sullivan is recognizing Carboline for the newly introduced, best-in-class Carbozinc 608 HB and Carboquick 200 products. Carbozinc 608 HB is the industry’s only hybrid zinc primer that can be applied at twice the thickness of traditional epoxy zinc primers. Carboquick 200 is a direct-to-metal (DTM) polyaspartic anti-corrosion coating, which is the first in a series of products focused on providing fast and easy-to-apply finish coats.
“While Carbozinc 608 HB eliminates the need for an intermediate coat saving the customers time and money Carboquick 200 offers highly valued features such as two-hour dry to handle time, reduced need for a primer and/or intermediate coat, and excellent color and gloss retention. With its aggressive and efficient R&D strategy, the company has excelled in providing high-value, innovative products to its customer base,” said Christeena Thomas, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.
These solutions provide greater efficiency in terms of application time and volume of material used, thereby creating a niche for Carboline in the anti-corrosion coatings market. The products’ simplified process and fewer application steps make them unique when compared to traditional and established products offered by competitors. Last, the customer-centric service models and technology development strategies have resulted in unparalleled loyalty among customers that depend on Carboline’s anti-corrosion coatings.