Celeros Flow Technology invest in Canada to support Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear build program

In response to Ontario’s ambitious nuclear development plans—including the plan by Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to construct four small modular reactors at its Darlington nuclear site—Celeros Flow Technology has committed to expanding its Burlington, Ontario, facility to make it the first Ontario-based manufacturer of nuclear-qualified pumps.

The expansion could also serve OPG’s current operations and refurbishment needs at both its Darlington and Pickering plants, according to the November 7 announcement, which also noted that more than 800 Celeros FT valves are in operation at the four-unit Darlington and six-unit Pickering stations.

In a separate announcement, Celeros FT said that it is additionally committed to finalizing a business case for a new nuclear valve production facility in Ontario to further support the growth of new nuclear in the province.

Commenting on OPG’s nuclear build strategy, Ken Hartwick, OPG president and chief executive officer, said, “Our plans for new nuclear generation to power electrification and a growing economy will also contribute to the further growth of that economy, through Ontario’s nuclear supply chain. As other jurisdictions expand their nuclear footprint, they will look to Ontario for our expertise, components, and services, cementing the province as the supplier of clean energy to the world.”

Shakil Ahmed, Celeros FT’s Burlington plant director, said that “recent investments in our nuclear-accredited facilities in the U.S., France, and Canada ensure we can continue to provide robust engineered flow-control solutions that meet the challenges of energy generation in a rapidly changing world,” and that his company is “proud to be supporting [OPG’s] SMR construction program, which will deliver a secure energy supply for Ontario, as well as boosting the local economy and creating jobs in the area.”

In January of this year, OPG, along with Wilmington, N.C.–based GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy and Canadian firms SNC-Lavalin (now AtkinsRéalis) and Aecon, announced the signing of a contract for the deployment of one of GEH’s BWRX-300 SMRs at Darlington. Construction of the unit is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2028.

That single reactor turned into a quartet this summer, when the government of Ontario announced that it is working with OPG to begin planning and licensing for the deployment of three additional BWRX-300s at the site.