Construction planning approval process for new Samson factory in Offenbach completed

Samson Aktiengesellschaft received the official document to verify that the approval process for the new factory in Offenbach has been completed. Shortly before, on 24 August 2023, the second building permit required was granted for Samson’s factory of the future as part of the MainChange project.

Dr. Andreas Widl, CEO of Samson, commented: “The second building permit marks the completion of the approval process. We appreciate the effort that the authorities in Offenbach put into processing our application so quickly. As a result, our MainChange megaproject has gotten underway on schedule.”

Dr. Felix Schwenke, Lord Mayor of Offenbach am Main, said: “Our goal is to make Samson’s plans become reality. Both Samson and the City of Offenbach will benefit from this. This is why all Offenbach authorities are doing their utmost to support the plans. The city council is regularly kept up to date on the project status. This is how we intend to continue.”

Construction work on the Offenbach Innovation Campus will be completed in two stages. During the first construction stage, the electronics manufacturing unit, including a sprinkler station, parking spaces and on-site road infrastructure, will be built. The planning approval for this stage was granted on 13 June 2023, which means it took less than three months to process the application. As a result, construction work got underway on 1 August 2023. Samson plans to start production of its electronic positioners, which are mounted on its valves, on the new site in Offenbach by October 2024 already.

During the second stage, the remaining buildings will be built and the factory machinery installed. The construction plans include a 45-meter-high fully automated high-bay warehouse, paint workshop, electroplating workshop, mobility center and the Samson Forum with office space. The actual relocation to Offenbach is expected to take place in late 2025. The construction of a production hall to assemble large valves will follow later. Some of these valves weigh up to nine tons. The large valve assembly workshop is scheduled to be up and running in the second half of 2026. At least 50 % energy self-sufficiency will be achieved by using photovoltaic and electric energy storage systems.

Samson as global industrial leader is currently headquartered in Frankfurt and employs over 2000 people. Its relocation will definitely be a logistical challenge. More than 1000 machines, 3000 tons of material and 1000 office workplaces need to change location. And this despite the company’s intention to only move what is essential. Dr. Andreas Widl declared: “There should be no problem. All our employees will help to make it a success. We are all looking forward to our new modern site and the city of Offenbach.”

The MainChange project is the largest investment and innovation venture ever in the 116-year-long history of Samson. Samson Aktiengesellschaft, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main since 1916, serves the global process engineering industry market with its products, systems and digital solutions to control all kinds of media. It is currently the largest industrial company in Frankfurt. Its focus markets include chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy and energy distribution as well as applications for hydrogen and industrial gases. The Samson Group employs a total of 4600 staff members and manufactures at 17 sites in nine different countries. The state-of-the art Rolf Sandvoss Innovation Center (RSIC) built in 2017 will continue to operate at its current location in the east end of Frankfurt.